1. Be honest –no cheating
2. Be a team
  2.1   Share ideas and information
  2.2   Help each other to succeed
  2.3   Be open on any Lab business
  2.4   Share Lab chores
  2.5   Complement, not criticize, people's weakness
  2.6   Praise and appreciate people's achievement
3. Be respectful
  3.1   When doing anything in the Lab, try not to disturb others.
  3.2   Respect each other
4. Be responsible
  4.1   Fulfill any commitment and job responsibility
5. Be disciplined
  5.1   Try to be in the office during weekday daytime
  5.2   Finish projects on time
6. Be balanced
  6.1   Keep a balanced, healthy, regular life style
  6.2   Keep a broad, yet healthy, interests besides technical knowledge
7. Be clean
  7.1   Take turn to clean Lab and maintain it clean.

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